French Namibian Cultural Center

Since its creation in July 1991, this exceptional binational cultural centre has established itself as a key player in the cultural and intellectual life of Namibia.

At the independence, the Namibian authorities aimed to develop the cultural identity of the very young country by promoting its opening on new spaces - including the Francophonie.

Supported by France, this challenge was embodied in the creation of the CCFN in 1991 under the slogan "together for cultural diversity" in French «ensemble pour la diversité culturelle». This common will has never been denied and the Centre has quickly become a intergenerational and intercultural meeting place, bringing together the mosaic of communities that is the wealth of Namibia.

With its remarkable architecture, the FNCC has an attractive location in the heart of the capital, on a plot of 4,000 m², donated by Namibia.

As a vector of French and universal values, the FNCC contributes to the promotion of Francophonie and culture as well as the arts of Namibia and France, in all their dimensions.

The centre is a real forum for expression and debate for all actors in civil society on major national and international contemporary issues. It also opens to the public and private Namibian actors by renting its iconic premises for several events.

The centre has a media library, with books in French and access to many digital resources, a cinema, which regularly organizes sessions, as well as an exhibition gallery that welcomes local or international artists

Equal governance and a Franco-Namibian team

Established by local law with exceptional binational status (only 5 in the French cultural network in the world), the FNCC is administered by an equal council of 10 members, chaired by the Ambassador of France.
The team perfectly illustrates this mix of cultures: a French director, adviser of cooperation of the French embassy, assisted by a Namibian Secretary-General, 6 agents and a dozen teachers, teaching French, Namibian, but also nationals of Francophones countries.

A central player in the Francophonie, the promotion of French and studies in France

The centre is the only institution in Namibia eligible to pass exams and deliver DELF-DALF degrees with more than 500 students a year, French courses adapted to all ages and all audiences, from children to adults and from Francophiles to businessmen.

It also provides continuing education for French Namibian teachers.

Since April 2016, it hosts a Campus France Space which advises and accompanies in their efforts the young Namibian students wishing to continue their studies in France.

Taste of Africa, the FNCC restaurant

The centre owns a restaurant, in management: Tastes of Africa. An Ethiopian restaurant with more African and French accents, its cuisine symbolizes the meeting of different cultures that the FNCC embodies, while reinforcing the attractiveness of the centre.

Housed in a historic monument, the restaurant’s dining room hosts exhibitions and the terrace hosting the very popular “Acoustic Friday” , a monthly meeting of fans of live music.

Location and Opening hours

French Namibian Cultural Center
118 Robert Mugabe Avenue
PO Box 11622

Phone: (264) 061 387 330

Reception hours to the public without prejudice to cultural events

Monday to Thursday : 08:00 to 13:00, 14:00 to 17:00
Friday: 08:00 - 13:00