5th meeting of the French Business Club -16th of April

One year after its official launch, the French Business Club organized its fifth meeting on the 16th of April 2015. Chaired by the Ambassador of France to Namibia, Mrs. Jacqueline Bassa-Mazzoni, and the directing manager of AREVA in Namibia, Hilifa Mbako, it brought together French and Namibian representatives of French companies present in Namibia.

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Meeting of the French Business Club with the participation of the Ambassador of France, Mr. Mbako, Managing Director of AREVA and representatives of French companies in Namibia

The French Business Club, which regularly welcomes new members, constitutes a privileged forum for exchanges on the economic environment and good practices for companies aiming to establish them or to further develop their activities in the country. This fifth edition of the FBC focused particularly on the new impulse the government wishes to give to Namibia’s attractiveness and growth, as well as to the new opportunities available for French companies. The presence of the chief of the Regional Economic Service based in Pretoria, Serge Boscher, gave this meeting a comparative perspective and a regional dynamic.

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Head table at the working lunch of the French Business Club at the French residence

published on 05/05/2015

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