A debate on Civil Society 25 years after Namibian Independence at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre.

The Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre organized on Tuesday 8th July a whole day conference on Namibian post Apartheid society, 25 years after Independence. The French Ambassador, Mrs. Jacqueline Bassa-Mazzoni, opened this event, organized in four round tables:

- Land question, environment, urbanisation and housing

- Violence on women

- Education and cultural diversity

- The first post-war and post-apartheid generation

Many experts from Namibia, France, Germany and South Africa attended this public debate, as well as Ingolf Diener and Olivier Graefe, the authors of the book Contemporary Namibia: the First Landmarks of a Post-Apartheid Society, published in 2001 by MacMillan. The public - diplomats, academics and members of the civil society - participated actively in the debates.

This event confirms the key-role played by the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centers in implementing social issue debates among the Namibian civil society.

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published on 16/07/2014

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