A look back at the HumaniNano’s project

A look back at the HumaniNano's project

Olivier, Nathan, Ugo and Justin have been graduates of the Institut Supérieur de l’Electronique et du Numérique (ISEN) in Lille since September 2019. Coming from the major "Nanotechnologies and micro-mechatronics", their team is called "la Nano".
After graduating, they decided to go to Namibia from July to September 2019 to open their horizons by carrying out an international solidarity project with children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. With the aim of participating in the musical education of children, the Nano has supported two local associations: the Bernhard Nordkamp Center (BNC) and the Namibian Youth Orchestra (YONA).


Directed by Mr Pieter, the BNC is an extracurricular education centre in Katutura, the poorest district of the capital, located a few kilometres north of the city centre. Every afternoon, the BNC welcomes about 100 children from Katutura to provide them with academic support and cultural and sports activities in a healthy and safe environment. Olivier, Nathan, Ugo and Justin went to the BNC every afternoon to accompany the children in their daily lives, give math lessons and singing lessons.
Through a one-hour singing workshop every day, the Nano also managed to create a choir of about twenty children with whom they gave a street concert in the city centre on September 6 to raise financial donations for the organisation.
The four students also invented an educational card game called Citron Coco that can be integrated into the learning of mental calculation as well as the development of team cohesion and memory. They taught the children on site and gave five copies to the centre. (more information on https://citroncocogame.com)


YONA’s mission is to provide music education for all. La Nano, thanks to a participative fundraising campaign carried out upstream and multiple financial supports, (ISEN, the Pas-de-Calais’s department, the municipality of Choisy-au-Bac) was able to offer three cellos to the orchestra, two of which were purchased locally to promote the local economy of Windhoek.
In addition, Nathan gave private cello lessons every week and participated in a few orchestra concerts.


Olivier, Nathan Ugo and Justin had the opportunity to talk with Ambassador Claire Bodonyi about their experience in Namibia. They reflected together on the future of their project, which is necessarily part of the perpetuation of the cultural links between the Hauts de France and Namibia. Their objective is to build a partnership between ISEN Lille and the BNC through which students would regularly leave for several months to meet the centre’s needs.

La Nano has a website: http://projet4nano.com on which you will find a more detailed presentation of the project as well as articles and testimonies written during the mission.

Last updated on: 15 November 2019
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