COP21 : Plans to set-up a wind farm in the south of Namibia by the Franco-Namibian company InnoSun, subsidiary of InnoVent

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The signing of the MoU, on 4th of December 2015, in the COP21 Solutions gallery, by InnoSun’s Managing Director, Usuta Imbili, and the Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, in the presence of InnoVent’s CEO, Grégoire Verhaeghe and the ministry Permanent Secretary, Malan Lindeque

Two MoUs, essential in the development of renewable energies in Namibia, were signed during COP21, on the 4th of December 2015, in Paris, in the presence of the Ambassador of France in Namibia.

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Usuta Imbili, InnoSun Managing Director, Grégoire Verhaeghe, CEO of InnoVent, Yuanyuan Gao, Councellor of Economic and Commercial Affairs in the Chinese Embassy in France, Frieda Nangula Ithete, Ambassador of Namibia in France, Wei Lu, Managing Director of CGN, Jacqueline Bassa-Mazzoni, Ambassador of France in Namibia, Pohamba Shifeta, Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism and Christian Egal, International Operations Director of EDF –Energies nouvelles, celebrating the signing of the MoUs

The first MoU, signed by the Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism and the Franco-Namibian company InnoSun, will allocate a 8800 ha field in the restricted area in the South of Lüderitz, one of the windiest places in the world, for the implementation, in 2016, of a 150 to 500MW wind farm (representing 80% of the current energy peak of the country).
The second MoU is an exclusive partnership agreement between InnoSun, the French group EDF – Energies nouvelles and the Chinese company CGN. Its purpose is to jointly develop this farm and other solar and wind related projects, able to produce the main part of the energy consumed in the country.

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The Ambassador of France in Namibia with Grégoire Verhaeghe, CEO of InnoVent, explaining the project to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Laurent Fabius and to the Solutions gallery Director, Stéphanie Gay-Torrente.

Since the construction in Omburu, in 2014, of the first solar plant in Namibia, this new innovative project of the Franco-Namibian company could quickly enable Namibia to be independent regarding its energy supply, turning the “Land of the Braves” into the first self-sufficient African country thanks to renewable energies.

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The Ambassador of France in Namibia with Stéphane Gompertz, French Ambassador for Climate Change for Africa, who took part to the COP21 Park Talk organized by the FNCC in Windhoek in June 2015.

published on 01/02/2016

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