Climate Change Documentaries’ Week at FNCC

In the wake of the COP21, the FNCC, in partnership with the French Embassy and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, organizes a documentaries’ week on Climate Change, from November 30th to December 4th, which aims at raising awareness amongst the population on issues of climate change and environment.

From November 30 to December 11th 2015, France is hosting the COP21, the Conference of Parties - the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. This conference, for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, aims to achieve a universal binding agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C, through adaptation and mitigation efforts. It is a major diplomatic event which is hosting over 40,000 people.

The week kicked off with the screening of “Hurricane: storm to chaos”, a documentary retracing the impact of global warming on climate, and in particular on the changes it incurs in regards to hurricanes.

“Tara journeys to the heart of the climate machine” and “Times change”, were also screened, adding an adventure touch to raising awareness on the fight against global warming.

The documentaries’ week will close with the screening of “A cloud on top of the world”, which portrays a scientific investigation of atmospheric measurements showing that the air in the Himalayas is as polluted as the one of big cities.


published on 03/12/2015

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