Conference on Sustainable Development in Namibia in view of COP 21 “Namibia and renewable energy”

On Tuesday, 17th May, a conference which gathered speakers from both the public and private sectors, was jointly organised at the Franco Namibian Cultural centre (FNCC) by the Embassy of France in Namibia, representing the chairmanship of the COP21 process in 2016, and the Renewable Industry Association of Namibia (REIAoN), with the generous support from the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the Franco Namibian company InnoSun, on the topic of Namibia and Renewable Energy.


The conference was part of a larger prospect, looking into the sustainable development in Namibia in view of COP21, and keeping in line with the commitments taken against Climate Change in the Paris Agreement, notably with the aims of keeping Global warming under 2°C, discarding Green House Gases emissions as well as industrial waste products.

JPEG The Ambassador of France, H.E. Jacqueline Bassa-Mazzoni, with Prof. Peter Katjavivi, speaker of the National Assembly(far left) and Mr. Theophilus Nghitila, Environmental Commissioner at the Department of Environment Affairs of the ministry of Environment and Tourism(on the right). In the second row, InnoSun team and the Counselor for Cooperation at the Embassy, Mr. Patrick Portes.

Representatives of National Institutions and of the Government such as Hon. prof. Peter Katjavivi, Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Ben Amatila, Mr. Malan Lindeque, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism with the support from his colleagues Mr. Theophilus Nghitila and Mr. Benedict Libanda (EIF) as well, H.E. Mr. Shri KUMAR TUHIN, High Commissioner of India, H.E. Mrs. Jacqueline Bassa-Mazzoni, the French Ambassador and Mr. Kombadayedu Kapwanga, President of the Chamber of Mines and Energy, reiterated the critical importance of the topic for the country and asserted the strong will of the government to establish strategies to fill the policy gap in terms of renewable energy and sustainable development in Namibia.

JPEG From left to right : Mr. Theophilus Nghitila, Dr Malan Lindeque, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Mr benedict Libanda, CEO of the Environmental Investment Fund and Mr. Gregoire Verhaeghe, CEO of InnoSun.

Private enterprises such as InnoSun and RMB Namibia and NGOs as REIAoN, gave their opinion and expertise on the way forward and in finding innovative solutions to make Namibia independent energetically, with proposals aimed at benefitting from Namibia’s uniqueness in terms of climate, with great sun exposure all year-round and an astonishingly strong wind power, notably in the south.

A great interest was demonstrated at this conference, with over 170 people attending from all walks of life, from government institutions, members of the diplomatic corps, media members as well as the general public, which gave way to great discussions and a very interesting debate. This full house was a clear indicator of the importance of such topics in Namibia, and of the involvement of its society in making way to reaching the goals set in the Paris Agreement.
This conference was part of a series of conferences to be held at the FNCC monthly on the advancement of COP21.

Join us for our next session on June 28th.

published on 06/07/2016

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