Conference on Sustainable Development in Namibia in view of COP 21 “The role of NGOs and the Civil Society”

This third session of Park Talk, organized at the FNCC by the French Embassy with the support of InnoSun and RMB, addressed the role of NGOs and of the Civil Society in the issues related to the COP21.

The Deputy Head of Mission of the French Embassy, Mr. Alexandre Peaudeau, highlighted the emphasis the COP21 under the French presidency gave to non-state actors, as part of the Paris Agreement but also for the implementation of concrete actions.


The European Union support to NGOs and to Namibian projects

JPEG The Ambassador of the European Union in Namibia, Ms. Jana Hybaskova, reminded the 30 billion euros support of EU to the civil society, allocated among more than 30 countries. In Namibia, the EU delegation supports many local projects in favor of the developpment of sustainable agriculture, renewable energies, research or environment education. She called Namibian NGOs and civil society to further commit into this sector.

Initiatives from the professional associations

JPEG According to its president, Mr. Frederick Muketi, the NGO Green Building Council of Namibia aims at sensibilising construction professionals to the economic benefits of energy efficiency measures. He promotes, in particular, the development of green buildings through an incentive certification system.

JPEG The executive director of the Namibia National Farmers Union, Mr. Mwilima Mushokabanji, called for more collaboration between public and private sectors to include the goals of an agriculture adapted to climate change into national policies and NDP5. He deems necessary a paradigm shift for agriculture sector from a system of crisis management to a proactive approach of anticipation and adaptation to drought. He advises a diversification of incomes sources of the farms and a transition to more resistant crops and livestock.

The role of private sector

JPEG Founding member of the Namibian Chamber of Environment, Mr. Charles Loots emphasized the need for a paradigm shift of industry to a model addressing the environmental issues. Founded in April 2016, the NCE is an association gathering various actors and particularly companies, in order to promote Namibia’s environmental interests, by highlighting good practices.

JPEG The audience reflected the strong interest and commitment of the civil society to climate issues and to the implementation of concrete solutions, by raising many questions and suggestions about all the topics addressed during the conference.

published on 31/08/2016

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