French Ambassador’s visit to the refugee camp of Osire

The French Ambassador, Mrs. Jacqueline Bassa-Mazzoni, visited on March 21 2014 the refugee camp of Osire. She has been welcomed by Namibian officials including the Regional Director of Education, Mrs. Caley and the Representative of the Commissioner for refugees, M. Mushelenga, as well as by the Delegate of HCR, Mr. Mbangson.

This visit was centred on educational matters and on the help the Embassy can bring to pupils and teachers from French-speaking countries (DCR, Rwanda and Burundi).

The Ambassador offered books to the schools and presented the best pupils in French with diplomas. She also confirmed to teachers that the Embassy, through the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre, will offer pedagogical training and animations.

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Presentation of the best pupils with diplomas
Mrs. Jacqueline Bassa-Mazzoni, French Ambassador in Namibia (in the centre), Mrs. Caley, Regional Director of Education (on the left), and Mr. Mbangson, HCR representative (on the right).

published on 06/02/2014

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