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A historic cooperation

Since independence of Namibia (1990), France has been supporting the development of this new country, by integrating it in the 1991 scope of the Priority Solidarity Zone (ZSP) to benefit from the French aid instruments in fair terms and conditions. From 1991 to 2004, France was the fifth funding partner of Namibia with €70 million (technical assistance grants and project support) in areas where France has developed a recognised expertise, where Namibia had specific needs: cultural diversity, governance, rural development, research, safety, environment and infrastructures. Now that the country’s situation is improving into upper middle-income country, the French aid has been redefined in the Partnership Framework Documents (DCP) which includes the last document signed in 2007 (ended in 2011) focused in education, infrastructures, environment, rule of law, modernisation of the Public Service, promotion of cultural diversity, French language, community development and civil society.

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MM. Jacques Chirac et Sam Nujoma
lors de la visite du Président de la République française en Namibie (juin 1998)

Today’s cooperation relation

The bilateral cooperation is driven by the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC), a bi-national entity that promotes the French language, the Francophonie as well as the French and Namibian cultures in all their expressions. Our cooperation has always ensured a smooth integration in the local framework of development aid, to coordinate effectively its operations with other donors and be consistent with the country’s “Vision 2030”. French cooperation in Namibia plays a big role with 20% of its contributions to the European Development Fund (the European Union being a major donor of Namibia with €68 million - 2014-2020) and to the Global Funds against AIDS, TB and Malaria, of which Namibia is one of the main recipients, that makes it a strategic stakeholder in influencing foreign aid.

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published on 10/08/2016

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