Inauguration of the HESS-II telescope - 28 September 2012 [fr]

HESS-II, the largest telescope in the world dedicated to the detection of highly energetic cosmic gamma-rays was inaugurated on October 28 2012. 2, HESS-II (8 metres in diameter and with a 596m² mirror) supplements HESS-I, a four-telescope programme which has been working since 2004. The project is situated on the Namibian Khomas highland at an altitude of 1 800 m, a hundred kilometres West from Windhoek.


The key element of the HESS II telescope is its camera. It has been
designed and assembled by various French laboratories under the responsibility of the French National Centre for Scientific Research, the “CNRS”.

The HESS (High Energy Stereoscopic System) international scientific collaboration is mainly driven and funded by Germany (about 50 %) (Max Plank Institute esp.) and France (about 30 %) (National Centre for Scientific Research esp.) and involves 80 researchers from 32 scientific laboratories in 12 countries. So far, the programme has led to a rich collection of results, all published in high-impact scientific journals.


See also the French ambassador’s remarks at the inauguration function.

published on 27/10/2012

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