Inauguration of the OMBEPO Franco-Namibian wind farm

This Thursday, April 27, the French Embassy was present in Lüderitz for the inauguration of the wind farm 5MW Ombepo. Ombepo, which means "wind" in Oshiwambo, set up by the French-Namibian renewable energy company InnoSun Energy Holding, in collaboration with the city of Lüderitz.
Tom Alweendo, Minister of Mines and Energy, Gregoire Verhageghe and Usuta Imbili, co-CEO of Innosun, Kauna Ndilula, Director of NamPower and Hilaria Mukapuli, Mayor of Lüderitz were there for this ceremony.
During this inauguration of the wind farm, commitments were made by Tom Alweendo to reach 70% of renewable energies by 2030 and to continue the ecological transition of the country.

The present team at the inauguration of the Ombepo wind farm, including the presence of Tom Alweendo, Kauna Ndilula, Hilaria Mukapuli, Usuta Imbili and Grégoire Verhagegh

One of Ombepo’s three wind turbines that are currently generating electricity at Lüderitz

published on 04/05/2018

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