Interview with Sandile Pazvakavambwa - Former resident #TheCamp in Aix-en-Provence

Interview with Sandile Pazvakavambwa - Former resident #TheCamp in (...)

The Hive residency program, is a six month program bringing together, artists, designers, performers, writers, engineers, coders, the list is endless; from different parts of the world to collaborate on projects that have the soul goal of making an impact for the future. Five amazing projects were birthed namely, Audio Crumbs, 63+, Cached, Plastic Arcade and Alola.

Presentation of #thecam pand The Hive program :

#thecamp is an international campus dedicated to emerging technologies and social innovation. It is an entire ecosystem of explorers, with about 20 private and public international funding partners. More information can be found on their website :

The Hive is a 6-month residence for creative young people with complementary profiles designed to find new answers for the major challenges facing the world. Coming from the four corners of the Earth, they collaborate to think, write and prototype new projects.

Sandile explained us her experience and the project Alola she was working on :

The Alola project is program for children, focusing on a peer-to-peer exchange with the goal to seamlessly integrate locals and newcomers “refugees,” within the society and celebrate diversity. The program consists of a set of tools to facilitate workshops for children aged between 7 and 12 living in the same country. The project is detailed in this video :

"My name is Sandile Pazvakavambwa and I am a designer from Zimbabwe and am currently based in Namibia. Prior to being selected as on one the 20 individuals to participate in the Hive Residency program at TheCamp in Aix-en-Provence, I was a visual communications intern at FABlab Namibia.

I worked on the project Alola with my amazing team mates, Aline Martinez Santos (Brazilian), Claire Glanois (French), Julia Jaques (French), and Lea Wlodarczyk (French).

There are six main cultural thematics, aimed at creating playful moments of sharing, togetherness and tolerance, beyond language barriers. These tools will be shared as open-source, to enable everyone to become an actor of a flourishing multicultural society.” Alola is now officially an NGO, which I am happy to be a part of, and we intend to continue delivering workshops in the future, to reach and touch as many children as possible."

TheHive will be launched this year for the third edition. Members of #thecamp attended the Namibian Start-up Festival in June 2018 in Windhoek. This event was a good opportunity to link the French Start-up ecosystem to Namibia. Sandile and the future residents are the best embodiement of this relationship.

Last updated on: 11 December 2018
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