Namibia Nature Foundation: Conservation Week 18th May - 21st May 2015 [fr]

The Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) hosted their Conservation Week at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre from 18th – 22nd May. The Conservation Week was officially opened by Ms. Anne Saloranta, the Finnish Ambassador to Namibia. The Week centred on an exhibition by well-known South African bird artist Graeme Arnott. This exhibition was opened on Monday 18th May and ran through the week until 22nd May.

The NNF was founded over 25 years ago and is Namibia’s leading conservation and sustainable development organization. The Conservation Week brought individuals, businesses and NGO’s together around the theme ‘Partnering for a Green Economy’.

During the Conservation Week, the NNF and the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre held talks on Rhino Conservation and Endangered birds. On Tuesday 19th May Save the Rhino Trust Namibia and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism talked about Rhino Conservation in Namibia, and debated whether commercializing trade in rhino horn would do any good for the rhino conservation. At the debate an environment consultant Dr Chris Brown said Namibia would be able to generate as much as N$485 million per year if the trade in rhino horn was legalized. ‘This is Africa’s most valuable renewable resource and we are not using our resource to benefit our country. By legalizing the rhino horn trade we are standing the highest chance of saving our rhino in the long run’.

On Thursday 21st May, the Minister of Environment and Tourism Hon. Pohamba Shifeta spoke about the importance of the new book which would be used as a baseline for information for monitoring the status and health of endangered birds, and the importance of developing plans for conservation. Mr. Alexandre Peaudeau, Deputy Head of Mission for the Embassy of France in Namibia conveyed France’s commitment to the protection of sensitive and endangered species, and more generally, to the biodiversity conservation.

Talks were held on endangered seabirds by Jessica Kemper, endangered scavengers and poisons by Peter Bridgeford, endangered wetland birds and habit degradation by Holger Kolberg, and endangered cursorial birds and power lines by John Pallett. After hearing about what was happening to Namibian birds, the NNF launched the ‘Birds to Watch in Namibia’ Data book.

To end of the Conservation Week, the NNF held an auction of two of Graeme Arnott’s paintings, which the proceeds went to the Save the Rhino Trust Namibia and the NNF (for publication costs for the ‘Birds to Watch in Namibia’ Data book).

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Patrick Portes Director of the FNCC, Hon. Pohamba Shifeta Minister of Environment & Tourism, Alexandre Peaudeau Deputy Head of Mission for the French Embassy

published on 04/06/2015

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