Missions of the safety and security service [fr]


1/The Directorate of International Cooperation - DCI

Joint directorate of the police and the national gendarmerie, the Directorate of international cooperation (D.C.I.) was created on September 1, 2010. It brings together police officers and gendarmes involved in international police cooperation set up by the French State to protect its citizens and its interests.

An international response to the multiple challenges of a changing world

To better address the various threats that originate beyond our borders such as terrorism, transnational organized crime, drug trafficking or weapons, cyber crime..., cooperation among countries must intensify. For France, the Ministry of Interior network of safety and security attachés ("attachés de sécurité intérieure" meaning internal (or home) security attachés: i-e A.S.I. according to its French acronym), which is made up of 250 police and gendarmes deployed to 92 Embassies and covering 156 countries, provides an effective means of bilateral or multilateral cooperation.

A mission of coordination and animation

DCI participates in the implementation of the international strategy of the Ministry of Interior and the implementation of the foreign policy of France for internal security. It animates and coordinates operational, technical and institutional cooperation between the French police and Ggendarmerie with their counterparts, apart from issues pertaining exclusively to the intelligence services. Most cooperation projects are funded by the Directorate for Defence and Security Cooperation of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with which DCI works in close concertation. To carry out its tasks, DCI relies on its central headquarters and decentralized services located abroad, the internal security services (S.S.I. according to the French acronym), the police and gendarmes stationed in the countries considered.

A quest for coherence and efficiency

The creation of DCI allows reduced costs and improved performance by bringing together in a single structure, the key players in international police cooperation.

2/ Internal security services


The safety and security attaché aka internal security attaché (A.S.I.)

Advisor to the Ambassador for all matters relating to internal security, (s)he animates and coordinates bilateral cooperation of security and multilateral cooperation, in particular in their technical, operational and institutional aspects. The internal security attaché has diplomatic status and implements the cooperation defined by the Minister of the Interior in accordance with the general guidelines of our foreign policy. Privileged interlocutor of local police or gendarmerie authorities, ASI is, the representative of the police and the national gendarmerie abroad. (S)He proposes implementing cooperation programs, participates in the mission of assistance to the resident French community for issues affecting safety and security and contributes to the internal security of France through his(her) action.

Mission of the internal security service (S.S.I)

For the performance of his(her) duties, (s)he may be assisted by a deputy internal security attaché, liaison officers, international technical experts, technical assistants from the French police or Gendarmerie, of which he heads and coordinates all the activities. His(her) missions lead the service to develop the exchange of operational information with the police of the country of residence, especially regarding international crime (illegal immigration, organized crime, terrorism, drugs, weapons and humans trafficking...). The SSI is an essential link in the implementation of European arrest warrants. It participates in the monitoting of the response to international rogatory letters. It also provides assistance to the promotion of French industry in the field of safety and security equipment and participates in the mission of assistance to the resident French community for issues affecting safety and security. By its daily activities or in the preparation of bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements, the SSI contributes directly to the internal security of the France.

3/Non resident Safety and Security Service (SSI) for Namibia

Hosted in the premises of the Embassy since 2003, is was established in 1993.

In terms of staff, the service consists in:

The Attaché for Home Security: Divisional Commissioner Mr Michel LEMEE ("Commissaire divisionnaire") in the French Police.

The deputy Attaché for Home Security: Major Mr Nicolas BELAIN("Chef d’escadron") in the French Gendarmerie.

One driver and one secretary (locally recruited)


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