Other French actions [fr]

Scientific and Tertiary Education Cooperation

The Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre has been financing for many years excavations for research in paleontology, and more precisely on the origins of mankind. Every year, it hosts successful presentations by Mrs Brigitte Senut from the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France) and Mr Martin Pickford from the Collège de France on their research and the current excavation projects which they carry out in the Speergebiet and Etosha areas.

Mrs Brigitte Senut and Mr Martin Pickford are two very famous paleontologists based in France who have been and are still conducting research in other African countries. Among others they have discovered in Namibia the remains of the Otavipithecus Namibiensis and, more recently in Kenya (2000) those of the Orrorin Tugunensis,a primate hominid who lived between - 6.2 and - 5,8 million years ago as well as the skull of a 20 million-year-old Ugandapithecus (2011).

Another scientific partnership consists in enhanced relations between Namibian and French researchers in particular in the field of astrophysics: many French scientists visit each year the “H.E.S.S.” (High Energy Stereoscopic System) international project, an observatory used in the investigation of very high gamma ray emissions and situated in the Gamsberg plateau at a height of 1800 metres.

French Local Authorities or "Collectivities"

Since 2008 several French local authorities have participated in France’s development aid programme in Namibia.

A key actor has been the Reunion Island. Its "Conseil Général" (Governing Council) finances teachers of French as a Foreign Language (FLE according to its French acronym) for Namibian schools aimed at assisting them to offer French classes.

Defence and Security Cooperation

France and Namibia have enjoyed a long-established programme of cooperation between their respective police forces. Since 2010, joint drills and courses have been organized on emergency response training, on VIP protection and for the Namibian Police Air Wing (helicopters).

At a military level, cooperation can take the form of French language courses conducted for members of the Namibian Defence Force and/or specialised study courses in France for senior officers.

Humanitarian Action

In February 2008 Namibia suffered heavy rains and flooding in the North. France donated the sum 30,000 € in humanitarian aid in addition to the contributions made by its European partners present in Namibia. In April 2009, a further sum of 40,000 € was sent by the French government following renewed and severe flooding in the North.

And due to the worst ever recorded floodings in 2011, the French Government conveyed an assistance of 50,000 euros which was extended to the Namibian Red Cross Society (May 2011).

Updated on 21 April 2013

published on 21/04/2013

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