Our Common Future under Climate Change [fr]

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The ‘Our Common Future under Climate Change’ (CFCC15) conference held in Paris on 7-10 July 2015 hosted more than 2000 participants from almost 100 countries to cover the full landscape of scientific knowledge on climate change.

The conference aimed at exploring the current understanding of all aspects of climate change and looking into sustainable, equitable world-wide solutions to tackle this issue. CFCC15 has been the biggest international conference organized before the COP21 (November 30 – December 11, 2015) and sent a strong and powerful message to world’s political leaders.

CFCC15’s Scientific Committee chaired by Chris Field (GIEC) made an outcome statement, available here, that Namibian institutions, associations and stakeholders involved in the scientific and research community are invited to sign and send back to conference@commonfuture-paris2015.org

published on 07/09/2015

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