Safety and Security Service (in Pretoria)

The Homeland Security Attaché

Based in Pretoria, the Homeland Security Attaché is both an adviser to the Ambassador for matters under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Overseas Territories, Territorial Communities and Immigration, and particularly those relating to the issue of internal security, and technical contact for local police authorities or other relevant services in the fields of internal security, civil security and immigration.

To this effect, he is responsible for:
. Monitoring the police and security affairs between France and Namibia, transmit operational information, and facilitate exchanges between the French investigation services and their Namibian counterparts, and execute international letters rogatory,
. Propose and implement bilateral and regional actions and programs for technical cooperation with the Namibian Police (Nampol).

In recent years, the technical cooperation activities have resulted in training of several Namibian Police in Public Safety interventions, in the fight against urban violence, crowd democratic management, the protection of VIPs, and intervention techniques by helicopter.

In terms of staff, the service consists in:

The Attaché for Home Security: Divisional Commissioner
("Commissaire divisionnaire") in the French Police.

One driver and one secretary (locally recruited)


Embassy of France (SCTIP)

P.O. Box 14354 - Hatfield 0028

Tel: +27 12 425 1740


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Updated on 22 August 2016

published on 22/08/2016

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