Second Goût de France / Good France event


1500 chefs, 1500 menus, 150 embassies on 5 continents

On the occasion of the launch of 2016’s event, the Minister and Alain Ducasse presented the participating restaurants, in countries all around the world. In the end, more than 1500 restaurants worldwide have been selected for the Goût de France / Good France event of 21 March 2016.

With almost a third of foreign tourists citing gastronomy and wine as some of the main aspects that drew them to visit France, the Goût de France / Good France event highlights the French art de vivre and its local produce, while promoting France as a destination.

Goût de / Good France in Namibia

Since Namibia is celebrating 26 years of Independence on the 21st of March, the event will take place on the 17th of March.

2 restaurants are part of the event in Windhoek:

  • Olive Exclusive and its chef David Thomas
  • La Bonne Table and its chef Yannick Schweighardt


published on 01/04/2016

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