The Ambassador’s welcome remarks

Ladies and gentlemen, dear fellow citizens,

On the 12th of June, I took office as Ambassador of France to Namibia. It is a great honor for me. Indeed, representing France internationally is a demanding but always gratifying task. The world is watching us; Our actions are eagerly awaited and commented upon ; Our culture, in the broadest sense of the term, serves as a reference. Unfortunately, our commitment to defend our values ​​is sometimes dangerous. The attacks we have suffered, in France as well as on some of our representations abroad, have clearly proved it. But they have never led us to renunciation. That is our strength.

I know, by speaking to you, how well you embody French exemplarity on a daily basis. I measure the determination and enthusiasm it takes to leave your own country. But this curiosity for the world and its people enriches you with incomparable human, professional and personal experiences.

You have chosen to live in Namibia, a fascinating country and a friend of France which accompanied it on the path to independence. Our bilateral relationship must be sustained and by being present here, you all contribute to that.
I am looking forward to meeting you, to listen to you and to learn from your personal life stories in order to better serve the interests of our country.

Madam, Sir, dear fellow citizens, I hope to see you soon.

Claire Bodonyi
Ambassador of France to Namibia

published on 19/06/2017

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