25 years of the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (1991-2016)

The Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) turns 25 years in July 2016. Since its inception in July 1991, this exceptional binational cultural centre has established itself as a key player in the cultural and intellectual life in Namibia.

“Together for cultural diversity”

At independence, one of the goals set par the Government was to develop the country’s cultural identity by promoting its openness to new areas - including the Francophonie supported by France, the challenge is embodied in the establishment of the FNCC in July 1991 with "Together for cultural diversity" as its motto. This common will has never got out of the way, the Centre has become an essential forum bringing together the mosaic of cultural communities that makes up the wealth of Namibia. With its remarkable architecture, FNCC is located in a central and attractive location, and on a 4,000 m² land donated by Namibia. As a vector of French and universal values, FNCC is contributing to the promotion of the Francophonie and culture as well as French and Namibian arts, in all their dimensions. The Centre is a true forum for expression and debate for all civil society actors on key national and international contemporary issues. It is also open to many public and private Namibian while recognising its iconic premises for various events.

Joint governance and a Franco-Namibian team

As a local-law entity with binational status (only five for French cultural network worldwide), FNCC is managed by a joint Board of ten members chaired by the Ambassador of France. Its team illustrates this mix of cultures: a French Director, cooperation advisor of the Embassy of France, assisted by a Namibian Secretary General, 14 staff members and 13 teachers, French, Namibian, but also citizens of Francophone countries teachers.

Substantial, modern and popular cultural supply

More than 70 cultural events conducted yearly in exhibitions, concerts, theatre, design, dance, fashion and photo, and attracting artists and audiences from all over the world. 60 film shows and many iconic events organised yearly such as Music Festival and Day of the Francophonie Celebrations! To keep the pace, we have on average every month one exhibition, one concert (including Acoustic Fridays, very well enjoyed), one conference or debate, one library animation and one movie/ week. Playing the role of intercultural platform, the Centre is in dynamic partnerships with all cultural institutions in the country and cultural institute representations. It is chairing the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) mechanism. FNCC keeps in touch with its wide audience through newsletters, its bimonthly program, Franco, published in 5,000 copies, the website, and Facebook page, and via major social networks (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube...). Through its trusted relationships with key national media, the FNCC’s activities are getting excellent media coverage.

A key player in the Francophonie, and for promoting the French language and studying in France

The Centre is the sole authority for DELF-DALF Certificates in Namibia. The Centre is giving French classes covering all segments of the local demand for French to more than 500 students per year, French classes for as from children, adults to business people. The Centre is also providing continuous training of the Namibian French language’s teachers. Since April, the Centre is hosting an Espace Campus France that is providing advices and guidance to Namibian students wishing to study in France.

A library enjoyed and visited

With more than 14,000 documents and fully digitized, the library is visited by a wide multicultural audience in its different areas: children’s corner, Multimedia Room, Press Room, Game Room and Training Room. The library is conducting many activities and animations (stories, tales, debates, literary conferences) and is in numerous partnerships with the voluntary sector, including Africavenir that hosts the collection of Namibian films.

La Bonne Table, the FNCC’s Restaurant

The Centre owns and leases a restaurant, La Bonne Table, housed in a historic building that makes the FNCC more attractive by demonstrating the French culinary expertise since its chef, Yannick Schweighardt, was crowned 2015 best chef in Namibia. As a true extension of the Centre, La Bonne Table can be used as an additional room for exhibitions, and the monthly popular Acoustic Friday, a gathering of fans of live music.


Ordinary opening hours without prejudice of cultural events:

- Mondays to Fridays: 09h00 to 18h00
- Saturdays: 09h00 to 12h00


Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre

118 Robert Mugabe Avenue

P.O. Box 11622


Telephone: + (264) (061) 387 300

Web site:

Facebook Page

Updated on 23 August 2016

published on 01/09/2016

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