Total Namibia (Pty) Ltd Announces the Winners of the Startupper of the Year by Total Challenge

The 2018-2019 Startupper of the Year by Total Challenge, held simultaneously in 55 countries — 37 of which are in Africa, 11 in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region, 4 in the Americas, and 3 in Europe — reaffirms Total’s commitment to social and economic development in host countries worldwide. By helping innovative young entrepreneurs to realize their projects, the Challenge strengthens the local social fabric.

15 projects were selected out of more than 362 entries, through a questionnaire and a “Share for Likes” voting phase, before being reviewed by social business professionals.

After the jury of local experts selected the 3 winners of the 2018-2019 Startupper of the Year, they were presented by Claire Bodonyi Ambassador to France in Namibia and Simeon Negumbo Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energies, with their awards at an official ceremony held on 28 February 2019 at Am Weinberg conference center.

The three winners of the Startupper of the Year by Total Challenge in Namibia are:

-  1st Place: Tjatjara Kaveto, The Nest:
The NEST- Worldview Technology manufactures innovative waterless toilets called "the NEST" that are beautifully designed, easy to install and hygienic for areas that currently have no sewage system. The toilets are 100% eco-friendly with no smell.

-  2nd Place: Jona Iriya, Nam-Oceanic Kelp Enterprise CC:
Namibia has a rich marine environment, due to that, resources are abundant. We collect seaweeds from the coast, that are considered as a waste and use them to make chicken feed. These seaweeds have rare nutrients needed to boost chicken production.

-  3rd Place: Sajeni Lebogang, Namib Bee:
Namib Bee recruits Individuals and communities into a trained and closely supported network of beekeepers. Participants will be empowered to adopt modern, highly productive beekeeping systems. Research will be aimed at developing high value products.

These young entrepreneurs will receive financial support of up to N$ 300 000 for the first prize to develop their project. They will also receive personalized support and coaching from Gordon Institute of Business school (GIBS) and a communications campaign to publicize their project.

The winner of the Top Female Entrepreneur award, a new addition to the 2018-2019 Challenge to support women in business, is: Top Female Entrepreneur, Jona Iriya, Nam-Oceanic Kelp Enterprise CC.

Last updated on: 5 March 2019