Visit in France of the Namibian National Council Chairman (5-8 October 2015) [fr]

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The Namibian delegation being introduced to the Senate by M. Gérard Larcher, "Président du Sénat"

This visit followed the previous invitation to Namibia in September 2013 of a delegation from the French Senate, and the invitation in May 2014 of the President of the France-Southern Africa Friendship Group, the Member of Parliament Antoine Lefèvre. In addition to the chairman, Mr Kapere, the MP Johannes Nakwafila and Mr Kapere’s Cabinet Director, Thomas Shipo, were also part of the National Council delegation.

The Chairman Kapere was impressed by the expertise and the technologies exhibited, especially regarding AREVA Tricastin’s site, InnoVent’s wind farm and the robotized dairy farming. As a result, the Namibian delegation came back convinced that renewable energies, in particular wind energy, are the fastest and most efficient way to deal with the energy crisis threatening Namibia as well as of economic interest for the country.

The Chairman Kapere had the opportunity to discuss with the Vice-President of the Senate, Jean-Pierre Gaudin and the President of the Friendship Group, Antoine Lefèvre, as well as with many politicians and figures who attended the lunch offered by the Senate.

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The Namibian delegation with M. Antoine Lefèvre, President of the France-Southern-Africa Frienship Group , on the Tricastin site

published on 17/11/2015

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