Winners of the "1000 Entrepreneurs Challenge" - Namibia

The Embassy of France to Namibia, the General Secretariat of the Africa-France Summit, Digital Africa and the members of the jury of the “1000 Entrepreneurs Challenge” are pleased to announce today the list of the winners.
Entrepreneurs were invited to the Africa-France 2020 Summit which was due to start on June 4, 2020 in Bordeaux, France. The current circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic no longer allowed it to be held as planned.

The winners will however benefit from a dedicated support program, allowing them to have access to funding, training, networking and visibility for their projects. This program is supported by a network of French and African partners, in particular through mentoring, networking, grants, public and private funding.

They will, for example, immediately and automatically access the Digital Africa Campus, which is launching a "Resilient Summer School" starting July 2020. On the program: free Masterclass cycles focused initially on entrepreneurial resilience in times of crisis; weekly experience sharing sessions (meet-ups) by sector of activity.

The 1000 Entrepreneurs, with perfect gender equality, come from 53 African countries, and are active in the fields of water and sanitation, waste treatment, energy, education, digital, agriculture, mobility etc. They are mostly between 24 and 30 years old and started their activity less than 3 years ago.

We welcome the energy, creativity, resilience and professionalism of these 1000 Entrepreneurs and women Entrepreneurs of Africa. France is proud to provide practical and long-term support so that these agents of change bring their solutions to the citizens of Africa and build the African economies of tomorrow.

The winners are :

Ms. AJIBOLA Deborah - Southern African Robotic and Future Technology Trading CC
Ms. ANDREAS - Disney Dololo Operations (Pty) Ltd
Mr. DA FONSECA - Pedro Black Gold Engineering PTY Ltd
Ms. HAIHAMBO - Victoria Agelvipa Investment cc
Mr. HANGO Immanuel Pamwenatse - Profile Namibia Chemicals
Mr. KAIMBI Renthia - AquaGreens Namibia
Mr. NABOT Natanael - Byte Able
Ms. TSUSES - Queendoline Eslien Dash Enterprises
Mr. VAN WYK Vincent R. - PEBL (MaxReign Tech CC)
Ms. WALTHER Marita - Ebikes4Africa

Last updated on: 10 June 2020