Workshop - Forum of French businesses

On April 24, the representatives of French companies operating in Namibia convened with the Ambassador in the FNCC’s boardroom. Some French businessmen visiting the country attended the meeting, as well as our 3 International Enterprises Volunteers posted here and one delegate from the Johannesburg office of the French Development Agency (AFD).


In addition to reflecting on the latest stats on bilateral trade and strengthening of mutual knowledge of respective activities, the agenda focused on the initiative of the meeting itself which was very well received. Businesses look forward to holding similar meetings of what could be a “French Business Club”, on a regular basis meeting. In due consideration of the objective of enhancing economic and commercial bilateral relations, it would provide a forum and platform for exchanging views, sharing experiences and practices, as well as interacting with Namibian or visiting French guests.

The meeting of the 23rd April is to be viewed as a “pilot session” of the French Business Club which will be launched in the near future and more publicly.

published on 27/04/2013

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